Frequently Asked Questions...

If I can't decide whether to call the ambulance, what should I do?

    Use your best judgment, but if you're unsure, call 911 and let us help you decide whether it's best to go to the hospital. If your condition worsens on the way to the hospital, it's safer to be with EMTs on the way.

I'd like to use the room in the EMS building for my group meeting. Who do I contact?

    The community room in the EMS building is available to our community members for a reasonable fee. If you use the room, it will be your responsibility to set up the room for your activity and re-assemble the room after you're done. To reserve the room or for more questions, contact the office at (608) 849-7522.  You can also visit our community room page on our website.

I want to learn CPR. How do I join a class or set one up for my group?

    Several of our members are trained and certified in CPR instruction. Contact Carrie at (608) 445-8152.

What do I do when I'm driving and the ambulance is behind me with lights and sirens? 

    SAFELY pull to the right side of the road! Use your blinker, and at your first chance pull to the right side of the road, even if the people around you haven't pulled over yet. Never cross in front of the ambulance or swerve in front of other motorists or into oncoming traffic. Be alert and pull over slowly, not suddenly. Once the ambulance has passed, be sure to pull slowly back into the nearest lane, and be aware of other vehicles re-entering the roadway as well.

Sometimes the ambulance drives with lights and sirens, and sometimes they don't.    What's the difference?

    Lights and sirens are only used in emergent situations, which means that the situation is time sensitive, and the transportation needs to be faster than normal. We always try to get to the patient and then to the hospital as quickly and safely as possible, but it's not always necessary to use the lights and sirens.

How can I get the ambulance and EMTs to come to our group's event or do a presentation for our group?

    Our EMTs sometimes volunteer extra time to bring the ambulance to special events or present to groups of all ages. These need to be arranged as far in advance as possible, and may depend on the availability of our EMTs or other events that may conflict. To discuss more, contact the office at (608) 849-7522.

I can't afford to call the ambulance, but I'm afraid I might need it someday. What do I do?

   Fear of fInancial burden shouldn't interfere with calling the ambulance or going to the hospital during an emergency. Check to see if you qualify for BadgerCare, Medicaid, or SeniorCare.

If myself or someone I care for has special medical needs, how do I let the EMTs know?

   Completing a File of Life card and keeping it on your refrigerator for each family member can help once the ambulance arrives, but for advanced concerns consider alerting Waunakee EMS if your child lives in the area and has specific needs that will influence the EMTs care for your child in an emergency. For more resources for children with special needs, you can find an excellent summary of resources at Family Voices of Wisconsin.

Who else might respond if I call the ambulance?

   A Waunakee Police Officer (within the village) or a Dane County Sherriff's Deputy might respond before or with the ambulance crew. A local fire department (Waunakee, Dane, or Middleton) might respond to a serious car accident, fire, or carbon monoxide emergency. If an advanced level of care is needed, a paramedic unit from Middleton or Madison, or even MedFlight might respond with Waunakee EMS.

Do I get to choose which hospital you take me to?

   In most cases, we are able to grant a patient's request as to which hospital they would like to go to. If you aren't sure, the EMTs can help you decide which one may be preferred based on the patient's medical condition and any insurance they may have. In some cases, the patient's emergency dictates which hospital we will go to. For example, serious trauma patients will almost always be transported to UW because they are the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the area. A woman in labor would be brought to Meriter or St. Mary's since UW doesn't normally treat OB/Gyn patients. Meriter does not have a pediatrics unit, so a child would be brought to UW (Children's Hospital) or St. Mary's. For patients in the northwest area of the district, Sauk Hospital may be the nearest and most convenient option.

My kids are shy and afraid of strangers. How can I make the ambulance less frightening for them?

   Try approaching the ambulance when we're at special events such as Waunafest, the summer EMS picnic, the Fire Department Breakfast, St. John's Picnic, or other social opportunity. We always welcome children to tour the ambulance, see the equipment, and familiarize themselves with their Fire, EMS, and Police friends in uniform. The more familiar they become with us, the less likely they are to be frightened in case they ever are faced with an emergency.

The EMTs that took care of me on my ambulance ride were excellent. How do I thank them?

  Even if you don't recall the names of the EMTs that helped you, we are always appreciative of "Thank You" cards or baked goods sent to the station. If on the card, you note the day and/or time that your emergency occured, we'll be able to match the card with the EMTs names. We display "Thank You" cards in our members-only communications room, where we can all appreciate the good things that are fellow members do for our community. A simple handshake and a heart-felt word of thanks at one of our events, such as the summer picnic, can mean the world to an EMT that helped you out.

I appreciate all the volunteer service the EMS gives for our community. How can I help?

   If you'd like to donate to Waunakee EMS, please contact Jay at the Service Office (608) 849-7522, and we can discuss the best way that you can contribute. Helpful contributions could include food or prizes for our summer fundraiser picnic, new books or stuffed animals for the children, or monatary donations. We certainly wouldn't be able to stay all-volunteer without support from our community!

If you have a question, comment, complaint, or addition to the FAQ's, contact the office at (608) 849-7522, or contact the webmaster: