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Waunakee Area EMS offers a variety of CPR classes from the American Heart Association.  Our classes are taught by certain EMTs on our staff that have the certification to teach CPR.  We teach both those who are learning CPR for the first time, as well as those looking to renew their skills or certification.  We are more than happy to teach individuals, and small and large groups.   The classes that we offer are listed below.  Click the link below to register and become a life saver today!



  • Heart Saver AED
    • The Heart Saver AED course is for the non-health care provider.  In this course you will learn how to give rescue breaths, preform chest compressions, and how to do abdominal thrusts, (sometimes referred to as the Heimlich maneuver).  You will also learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on a victim of cardiac arrest.  You will learn these skills for all age groups from infants to adults.  This course takes about 3 hours to complete and offers a completion card.

  • Basic Life Support
    • Basic Life Support CPR (formerly known as BLS-Healthcare Provider CPR) is the level of CPR required for most healthcare providers.  This includes more advanced training in CPR techniques for various age groups utilizing multiple rescuers, and specialized equipment such as a bag-valve-mask device as well as training in using an AED.

  • Compression Only CPR
    • Compression Only CPR (aka Call and Pump) is a simplified form of CPR.  This technique should be used on witnessed cardiac arrest on adults. An adult is anyone over 18 years of age.  Traditional CPR with breathing should still be performed on victims of drowning, electrocution, drug overdose, and choking. Traditional CPR is also performed on children and infants.


Compression only CPR classes cost $5 per person.  Heartsaver AED and BLS classes cost $25 per person, however if you wish to purchase a text book there is an additional fee.

To register for a CPR course for a group, please call our service office at (608) 849-7522.

If you have a question or concern that is NOT an emergency, contact the Service Office at (608) 849-7522

In A Medical Emergency Dial 911

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